Peter MacAdams has been working as an animator, illustrator and character designer since 1996, after starting his career with Marv Newland at International Rocketship ltd. Working mainly as a freelance animator, Peter has worked at various Vancouver studios, on a large number of projects including tv specials, commercials, series, bumpers, station IDs, short films, and video games. In 2001, he directed two short films for International Rocketship, My Friend Max and Explodium, which have been screened at film festivals and on tv throughout the world. After animating on Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon at Carbunkle Cartoons with Cory Evans, the two decided to create their own company, and in 2006 formed Sketch Engine Studio. For the past 5 years, Peter has also been instructing at Vancouver Film School with the Classical Animation department, teaching animation classes and supervising students on final film projects. Currently he is working to maintain a balance between freelance work, animation instruction and the demands of developing projects and running a studio.

Some of his screen credits include:

Gary Larson's Tales From The Far Side
The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess
Drew Carey's Green Screen Show
Ren And Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon
Yvon of the Yukon series opener
Reader Rabbit
Postage Stomp

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